Yuba Bikes

Cargo bikes seem to be the newest craze. They have been called the new station wagon for their ability to carry huge loads of kids and groceries. Yuba bikes is one of the companies that offer some real nice models such as the Boda Boda. If you are looking to get fit or cut down on expenses this may be a great option for you.

Yuba Bikes


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Tumbleweed Houses

I love the idea of living on less and pairing down. I dream of one day living in a small house attached to a truck and just traveling the world staying in a different place each week. I fantasize about making just enough money each day online to be able to retire young.

These thoughts become especially strong when I am single because I have noticed most woman frown on the idea of living in a closet but hey a guy can dream.


Tumbleweed Houses

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THE 1975

I love the new self titled debut from British four-piece The 1975 especially the song below “Chocolate”



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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show Podcast


I subscribe to many podcasts but there are not many that I actually listen to every episode. The Adam & Dr. Drew Show I never miss. These guys have great chemistry and make for a very entertaining show even when they drive each other nuts.

Adam has a knack for solving life’s problems in a way that is so filled with common sense that you just know none of us will ever follow it while Dr. Drew is so smart and compassionate but can’t keep himself from knocking things over due to his clumsiness.

Big props go out to Dr. Drew for his latest discussion on his battle with prostate cancer.

Adam and Dr. Drew Show Podcast

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I know Netflix isn’t perfect and a lot of people find it fashionable to downgrade it but for the amount of money they charge you really cannot beat Netflix. The biggest complaint is that they do not have a good selection of new releases but this is because of all of the contracts the motion picture studios arrange with distributors. I find Netflix to be a great service for catching up on catalog movies and for keeping my daughter entertained. They have been doing this for so long you really cannot beat the online streaming interface and I love it works with many different devices.


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I love my Roku. I know some people love there Apple TV and I admit it does have some benefits which we may visit on a later date but the reason I prefer Roku is simply Amazon.  I find the pricing on digital products cheaper usually via Amazon instead of Apple. So when I feel like buying or renting a movie I always look on Amazon first. When I make a purchase on Amazon I can play it on my Roku but not my Apple TV.

I also love streaming movies through Netflix, Redbox Instant, Hulu plus and music via Pandora. All of those options and many more are available via my trusty Roku.

Roku also just announced a  refresh of the 3 of there 4 models so check out the site to see what you’ve been missing.





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Drake- Nothing was the Same


The new album by Drake is awesome. It has been awhile that I have liked every song on an album. Who needs a stop button just give me a play button and a repeat button.

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